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Is your community organisation registered with Companies House.

Companies House will have new objectives and enhanced powers due to the new Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

There will be a stepped approach to making some fundamental changes over the next few years, but below are a few of the changes that will affect you, if you report to Companies House in the near future.

There'll be new responsibilities for all new and existing company directors, people with significant control of the company (PSCs), anyone who files on behalf of a company. So, if you are a director, or if you act on behalf of a company, or you're thinking about incorporating a company, then you should be keeping an eye on developments.


Now, the first changes, as were said, are due to be introduced on the fourth of March.


These include new rules for registered office address, a requirement for all companies to supply and registered e-mail address, and a new lawful purpose statement that you need to provide.


Fees will be increasing from the 1st May 2024.


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