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The Ripple Effect

Wirral CVS members were delighted to take part in a Ripple Effect Mapping session today exploring how our Vision for Volunteering work has had an impact.

On Tuesday 21st November, representatives from Make It Happen Birkenhead, Wirral Change, Koala NorthWest and others joined Wirral CVS and Vision for Volunteering at Wirral Multicultural Centre for an interactive research session to understand the impact the Vision for Volunteering is having locally.

Ripple Effect Mapping is a qualitative research method, useful for gathering data from complex systems where the impacts of changes might be unpredictable - like the voluntary sector! In groups, people work to make visual maps of the activities and changes that have been made, and try to track the impacts - intended and unintended, big and small, obvious and hidden, good and bad, on individuals and on communities - of these changes.

We're proud of all our volunteers and the amazing work they make happen every week, and it was good to hear from from Wirral CVS about the fantastic volunteering opportunities the next 18 months will bring to the Wirral through the Single Front Door for Volunteering Programme!

It's great that Wirral have a voice nationally helping to shine the light on how Volunteering is important to people's health and well-being too.

If your organisation utilises volunteers, why not join the Volunteer Managers Forum

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