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New funding opportunities available this week (May 27th - 31st 2024)

A short summary of funding opportunities that have came to our attention this week.

The Ulverscroft Foundation Grant

The Ulverscroft Foundation supports projects that help visually impaired people. Within any group of people there will be an element of visual impairment; grants can only be considered if the VI element is significant.

Applications for funding can be considered from any source, UK or overseas. Applicants need not necessarily be a charity: they can be a CIC or social group.

Current deadline: 15th June 2024

AWS IMAGINE Grant Program

A public grant opportunity open to registered charity organisations who are using cloud technology to accelerate their missions.

AWS' goal is to empower non-profit organisations to prioritise technology as a mission-critical component of their projects and provide support for organisations pursuing technology-driven goals. As part of the program, they are seeking proposals for pilot projects, proofs of concept, or existing programs that utilise technology in a new or expanded way.

Current deadline: 3rd June 2024

The Phoenix Way Global Fund for Children

The next children and young people round has now gone live. The funding round will close on Wednesday July 3rd at midnight. The round will be open for 5 weeks, in response to feedback from previous rounds.

Current deadline: 3rd July 2024

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