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Funding criteria changes to Digital Connectivity Fund - Funding for Front Line organisations now available

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You can now apply to the Digital Connectivity Fund if you are a front-line community organisation that is not a community hub for improvements in general digital connectivity. The funder is going to allow applications for up to 50% of the overall Round 4 Wirral budget.


This means that grants can now pay for:


  • Connectivity improvements:

  • Broadband provider installation costs (if applicable)

  • Monthly broadband costs (up to 2 years)

  • Internal network/Wi-Fi improvements

  • IT supplier installation and configuration costs – technician time for networking, cabling, Wi-Fi solutions, etc.

  • Required hardware (e.g. routers, switches, cables, Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi boosters, etc.)

  • Computer devices

  • PCs/laptops/tablets

  • Necessary software/licenses to make the computers work and secure – e.g. MS Windows, MS Office, anti-virus/internet security software

  • Necessary ancillary accessories and equipment - monitors, keyboards, mice

  • IT supplier configuration costs (e.g. installing operating system, software, setting user permissions)


The grant cannot fund:


  • Gaming PCs

  • Peripheral equipment like printers, projectors, whiteboards, or anything like that

  • Specialist software – e.g. can’t fund CRMs, finance systems (Sage, Quickbooks, etc.), Adobe/other file viewers, graphics software, photo/film/music editing software, etc.

  • Ongoing IT maintenance/support contract costs

  • Office furniture of any type, including laptop/tablet storage units

  • Capital building works

  • Staff/volunteer costs

  • Staff/volunteer training

  • Organisational overheads

Although the priority is on funding connectivity improvements, if there’s a well-argued case for the need for a modest number of new computers capable of accessing/achieving the improved incoming broadband speed where existing computers can’t, that would be allowed.

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