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Become a Governor for the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is looking for Governors to support CWP's work
What is a CWP Governor?

Governors have an important role in making the Trust publicly accountable for the services it provides. They are elected by CWP members or appointed by one of our

partnership organisations and form the Council of Governors. Appointed Governors represent stakeholder organisations such as our local councils or charities. Governors are responsible for representing the interests of members, to the Trust Board of Directors. Members can be patients, service users, staff or the general public.

Why become a Governor?

You might want to become a Governor if you are interested in:

• Improving health services in your area.

• Supporting CWP’s work.

• Giving something back to your local community.

• A challenging role that makes a difference.

• Improving people’s understanding and awareness of CWP services.

Who can be a Governor?

No specific qualifications are required to be a Governor. Commitment to

the role and a desire to make difference is key.

If you are 16 years old and a member, you can nominate yourself

for election to the Council of Governors. To become a member visit

our website ‘Become a Member’.

The nomination window has opened today (8th July), so if you're interested, head to to become a member and/or nominate yourself to become a CWP Governor.

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