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Two new funding opportunities closing soon.

The Fore

Registration is now open for our Summer 2024 funding rounds.

Registration is now open for one week from 12pm (midday) on Thursday 28th March to 12pm (midday) on Thursday 4th April.

Registration takes around 2-3 minutes. You can register using the links below:

The Fore fund small charities that make a big impact.

We offer unrestricted funding to help applicants grow, strengthen, become more efficient or resilient. We believe that by asking you and your charity what you need, our grants will create a transformational impact on your organisation.

We see applicants as experts in your own fields. We also know that many of the best people who run small charities don’t have lots of fundraising experience. Our approach is designed to level the playing field.

We are particularly keen to hear from grassroots organisations working with underserved communities. We are proud to have been one of the first grant funders for many of our portfolio charities.

The Barings Foundation

The deadline for applications is 12 noon 23rd April 2024.

New funding: Attracting new male participants into creative mental health programmes

Grants of £20k to £50k available for developing new participatory arts opportunities for men with mental health problems.

We are pleased to announce today a new open round of funding for arts organisations who would like to develop new participatory arts opportunities for men with mental health problems.

Grants of £20k to £50k are available for either of the following approaches, or a combination of the two:

  • Work which finds ways to achieve equal representation (or a significant increase) of men in mixed gender creative activities;

  • Men-only creative activities.

We are looking for projects which provide new and attractive creative opportunities for men who are not already taking part, and target those men who are least likely otherwise to take part.

Projects should take place over at least one year, and preferably two or more years.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be an established arts organisation of any kind (including museums) operating in the UK;

  • have delivered creative opportunities to people with mental health problems for at least two years;

  • have had an annual income of over £75,000 for the last two years.

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